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The Evolution of Massive Media

2016 has been a year of big change for Massive. In the past 12 months, we’ve moved offices, added new team members and tackled some exciting new projects. On top of that, just this month we’ve launched a refreshed brand identity, including a new style guide, logo, and this spanking new website. It shouldn’t be

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Person on a computer

Considerations When Building a Website

Things to consider when making your next website. Internet users amount to more than 3 billion in 2015, that’s more than a third of the global population! In 1991 there was only one website online and then it grew exponentially reaching a billion in 2014. Only around two thirds of the current websites are active

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Newspaper headline on Google and Facebook

How to use Facebook Ads for for Business

How To Use Facebook Ads An Overview of Facebook Ads for Beginners Facebook is the most used social channel with 1.39 billion monthly active users. Without a doubt, your target audience has a presence on Facebook making it a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand! Most users visit it every day and the average time spent per

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Girl opening christmas present under tree

Does Seasonal Marketing Really Work?

Does Seasonal Marketing Really Work? It’s that time of year again – when, armed with lengthy Christmas lists, we venture out in the cold to brave the throngs of people battling each other over the latest must-have toy in malls everywhere. It’s almost like being part of something straight from National Geographic, but with Christmas

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