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Back in March, we were reeling. COVID hit the global economy without pulling any punches, and the resulting uncertainty meant… well, a lot of uncertainty. But we’re Massive, so we did what we do best: after a brief pause to catch our collective breath, we went straight back to work.

You might’ve seen our posts back in April, offering our skills, talents, and resources to companies struggling to survive this crisis. We lucked out when Adventure Den came our way: owner Kirsty had a business we believed in, a website that needed help, and the cutest clients we’ve ever worked with.

Kirsty founded The Adventure Den in 2010, after years of experience as both a dog daycare client and employee. At the time, many local daycares expected the dogs in their care to play among themselves, and Kirsty knew she could provide a better alternative. The Adventure Den offers its four-legged guests a place run, wrestle, and play in an environment designed to keep their bodies and minds busy and happy. Adventure Den isn’t just for dogs, either: they also host cats, rabbits, ferrets, iguanas…you name it.

Animal daycares were among the many businesses that were hit hard by the pandemic, though, and while Kirsty’s old site was functional, she was ready for an upgrade that could help reel in new customers.

Massive’s goal? Messaging that would resonate with the target audience, a beautiful and intuitive website redesign, and playful branded content the Adventure Den team could use across their social channels.

With a team this dedicated, anything is paws-ible.


  • Creative Direction
  • Information Architecture
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
Homepage of the Adventure Den website

Letting the Dogs Out

The original Adventure Den site was functional but dated, with navigation that dead-ended and key content buried in unexpected places. Adventure’s Den small team was justifiably more focused on animal care than website updates, but we knew their site deserved the kind of love they lavish on their clients.

Kirsty and her team are fun, vibrant, and absolutely dedicated to the animals in their care. We wanted their new site to reflect their personality and experience in order to help them attract the new clients they needed.

Building a Better Litterbox

Massive’s design and strategy teams began by surveying all existing content so we could rebuild the site’s information architecture from the ground up. We focused on creating a clear hierarchy that would help guide visitors through the site, with a static navigation bar that would eliminate confusion and help clients book easily.

With our streamlined structure in place, we went through their copy page by page, rewriting, reorganizing, and tidying as we went. We knew we wanted to make it easy for prospective and existing clients to get the info they needed, but we weren’t going to let an opportunity to make a few good puns go to waste either. 

The new Adventure Den site is clean, colourful, and full of personality—just like the pups in their care! 

An instagram ad for The Adventure Den Advertising example for Adventure Den
A social media advertisement for Adventure Den Example of advertising completed for Adventure Den

Sit. Stay. Roll Over

When you’re passionate about a project, everything is fun. Luckily, the Massive team is paw-ssionate about dogs!

Groan-worthy puns aside, our copy team loved crafting simple, playful messages that paired well with the new visual aesthetic. Whenever possible, we shifted into a kind of canine first-person narration (first…dog? We’ll get back to you on that), giving voice to a dog’s hidden desires and speaking directly to Adventure Den’s audience.  

In practice, this meant highlighting friendly pups of all breeds and sizes, who peek out from the site’s banners and CTAs to plead with their humans to let them visit their friends at Adventure Den! 

Play dead? Naw, not on our watch

We were almost done, but before we handed over the keys to the site, we wanted to throw in a few extras for Kirsty and her team. We started with social— as one of their most valuable organic marketing channels, it just needed a little polish.

Adventure Den’s loyal clients live for their social media presence. Not only do their daily posts make it easy to check in on your dog while you’re at work, but those accounts are also a great way to expand Adventure Den’s reach to future clients. Massive’s designers created social templates that match the new look of the site and allow Kirsty and the team to easily share on-brand, eye-catching images that help drive their value home.

We weren’t quite done yet, though. With the site redesigned and social content ready to go, we wanted to offer Kirsty and the team one last gift. Before we said goodbye, we set up a GoFundMe to help pay some of Adventure Den’s bills while they focused on rebuilding their clientele.

Kirsty, it was a joy to work with you and your team on this project. If your dog needs a buddy, we can’t recommend Adventure Den highly enough–your pup might even meet local canine celebrity @thatpuponyx on their next visit!