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A local helicopter company achieves new heights by attracting digital-savvy adventurers.

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Since 1993 Black Tusk Helicopters has been providing heli-services to Whistler and the surrounding area. During this time, they've forged strong relationships with the local industries like film, forestry and search and rescue.

While well respected among these industries, Black Tusk was having difficulty communicating its value directly to customers and needed a digital presence that promoted their B2C services and appealed to younger, digitally-savvy adventurers.


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  • Website Design
  • Website Development
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Black Tusk Helicopters Web Design

Knowing your audience

Clarity of Vision

During Discovery, we quickly realized the website’s primary focus needed to be on attracting thrill-seekers interested in Black Tusk’s lesser-known services, like heli-skiing, heli-hiking, glacier walks, etc.

These previously hidden services were brought to the forefront with compelling copy and bold calls-to-action encouraging users to contact Black Tusk’s team for more information.

Attracting would-be adventurers

A Culture-Driven Brand

Named after British Columbia’s beautiful stratovolcano, The Black Tusk, it was clear the new site needed to capture the beauty of the mountains with large, captivating imagery.

Together with the Black Tusk team, we selected imagery that tells a story of hidden, remote places only accessible via helicopter.

Where possible, lifestyle shots were selected, inspiring would-be adventurers to explore further.

Our colour pallet centred around the warm, earthy tones found in nature during the early morning and twilight hours.

A scaleable technical solution

Beauty & Function

No two businesses are a like. While some organizations require a robust technical framework that allow for multiple content editors, departments and integrations, Black Tusk’s team needed a compelling website that was easy to manage internally without the help of a third-party.

As such, we chose to build the website on SquareSpace, allowing them to make ongoing changes easily without the need of a developer.

Black Tusk Helicopters Web Design

Responsive, intuitive and beautifully simple

A Revitalized Black Tusk

Through the use of compelling imagery and copy, Black Tusk’s new website tells the stories of the transformational experiences it offers and invites users to experience it for themselves.

A seamless authoring and content management experience now frees Black Tusk’s team up to do what they do best – provide customers the experience of a lifetime.

Thanks to a re-imagined navigation and information architecture, the new site serves relevant content intuitively, allowing prospective customers to find the information they want, the first time.

The result? A simple, yet stunning digital presence that successfully communicates Black Tusk Helicopter's value and propels them into the future.

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