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Reinvigorating a Well-established Brand

When Boughton Law approached Massive, they were already a law firm known for their ambition, professional resourcefulness, West Coast personality, and forward-thinking approach to design and marketing. The trouble was, many other law firms in Vancouver had picked up on their style, and Boughton was no longer the exception in design aesthetic. A refresh was needed to elevate Boughton back to the top; to reestablish them as legal trendsetters with a style and voice that match the clout they still carried in building client relationships and in their unmatched expertise in and out of the courtroom.

Where the lawyers and staff at Boughton saw the most potential for reinvigoration was in the compelling history of the firm itself, and the best-in-class knowledge and expertise the leaders of the firm possess. Their clear vision to tell their story and position their lawyer as thought-leaders set Massive up to be able to map out how best to tell the story of Boughton. And we were thrilled with the opportunity to begin to craft the most striking and cutting-edge West Coast-inspired digital branding that we have ever designed.


  • User Experience
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Copywriting
Website mockups from Boughton Law's website.

Crafting an Air-Tight User Experience

Each lawyer at Boughton Law is a superstar in their own right, and it was up to us at Massive to ensure that each lawyer was in the spotlight. Thankfully our team of UX masterminds were up to the task, and positioned each Boughton team member with their own profile page on the new site, giving them the platform they deserve to highlight their best-in-class skills. 

Of course, information is no good if it cannot be found. With more than fifty lawyers and specializations that cover a wide variety of practice areas, visitors to Boughton Law’s new site needed to be able to find who they were looking for quickly and easily. Our redesigned People page allows visitors to sort by position, practice area, area of expertise, or keyword. 

Boughton’s new Resources page features similar functionality, offering visitors easy access to the team’s impressive thought-leadership and legal insights. SEO optimization was part of this design as well, ensuring keywords were utilized for priority Google search results.


We know we have found the perfect client when their creative ambition rivals ours – and it doesn’t hurt when that creativity is fuelled by a shared West Coast aesthetic.

Keeping the West Coast at the forefront of their design objectives, our creative team was given the freedom to source inspiring and stunning imagery that does the majesty and beauty of our shared home justice. Boughton’s ambition to kick ass not just in the courtroom comes across through the colour scheme and other visual elements they chose.

This included bold reds contrasted with black and white images all through the website’s design, as well as the home page’s unusual side-scroll, which is a nod to Boughton’s dedication to doing things differently. This sliding scroll provides visitors to the site a storybook experience through which they can discover everything that Boughton has to offer.

Practical Magic

Our final solutions were as follows:

  • A fully custom WordPress theme, comprising branded modules and page templates, serving as the blueprint for future content and lawyer profiles, as Boughton’s staff evolves and their expertise expands.
  • Deliver a consistent and intuitive user experience while offering enough creative flexibility to ensure each staff member’s different skills and value proposition could be accentuated and coded for searchability.
  • Full integration with their applicant tracking system and payment gateways, guaranteeing their website was in line with their recruitment and client retention goals for years to come.

Setting a New Precedent in Law

The shared culture of trust and collaboration that we were able to establish with Boughton Law granted us the creative control to blast past Boughton’s so-called competition and return this West Coast law firm to its rightful place as the envy of all other law firms in both creative and professional superiority.

Innovation and ambition are an electrifying combination, and both of these qualities are the building blocks of Boughton’s culture and DNA. Nowhere is this more evident than in the layout and colour schemes that form their website and brand scheme. Their Massively inspiring website launched in 2020 – click here to see our shared vision for what an industry-standard defying website and brand can be.