CBC: Keeping Canada Safe

CBC's newest 6-part series highlights the lives of Canada's first responders.

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In September of 2016, Force Four Entertainment and CBC teamed up for a new show, Keeping Canada Safe, to capture the incredible activity that goes on behind the scenes to keep Canadians safe.

Given the success of Keeping Canada Alive, they tasked us with the job of helping generate online conversation around the show and driving online engagement through display and social advertising.


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Display Advertising
  • SEM
  • Social Media Marketing
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Multiple teams, one unified plan.

In coordination with the CBC and Force Four team, we released teaser content to promote the new episodes. Users who engaged with this content were then added to a click-pool, allowing CBC to serve them display ads across the web promoting each for the remainder of the series.

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Jessica Young

“Thank you to everyone for a great campaign! The Keeping Canada Safe broadcast was fast and furious, but we succeeded in getting great viewership, strong site traffic, and outstanding social reach.

Thank you for keeping us on track and doing what none of us were able to do in the way of Facebook and Twitter wizardry (now to be known as ‘Twizardy’). Thank you Lindsay and Rene for steering the ship and handling the twists and turns that appeared along the way!”

– Jessica Young, Story Editor Digital at Force Four Entertainment

CBC/Force Four Entertainment Web Design


Results Chart

11.7 M



Click Through Rate

.53 Cents

Cost Per Click

As a result, our campaign for Keeping Canada Safe achieved 11,7 million impressions, 1.65% click through rate at a cost of .53 cents per click.

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