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CBRE High Tech Facilities Group
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A top performing team with big ambitions

In the summer of 2017, CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate group, partnered with Massive to launch a pilot project for their High Tech Facilities team (HTFG).

As one of CRBE’s top-performing teams, the project’s goal was to create a design ecosystem that empowered HTFG to move at its own pace independently, while still a part of CBRE’s international brand.


  • Website Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
Example of website design for HTFG
Website Design example from a real estate project

Solidifying the HTFG Brand

As a group with a strong understanding of who they are and what they stand for, our goal was to translate HTFG’s brand platform and create a design system and digital presence. One that helps them express themselves in the right way, to the right people and that can be maintained by its team internally.

Given the sophistication of HTFG’s clientele, we knew the brand needed to be simple and elegant, while exuding trust and professionalism.

Beautiful imagery of their clients’ workspaces tell the story of their partnerships, complemented by elegant fonts and natural tones.

Community to the Forefront

For over 20 years HTFG has been an integral part of Vancouver’s technology scene, working closely with local and international partners to help create an environment that fosters growth.

This love for the community informs every decision HTFG makes. We brought this passion for Vancouver’s tech scene to the forefront with a custom Instagram feed and a blog dedicated to Vancouver’s tech sector, giving HTFG a voice to express their passions, interests and opinions on local happenings.