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Harnessing energy has been critical to our success as humans for as long as we have walked this Earth. From fire to solar panels, we have been experimenting with and improving our efficiency with energy for centuries. So when Vancouver-based engineering start-up Daanaa approached us to develop a brand for the next evolution in energy conduction and storage, we knew we were about to be part of something game-changing.

The challenge for the Massive Team? To take theoretical, scientifically grounded concepts and proprietary technology and transform them into clear and exciting messaging and visualizations that reflect the credibility and professionalism of the team’s vision. 

And we had to do this without compromising their intellectual property and with messaging that would captivate a diverse audience of investors and scientists.


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • User Experience
  • Website Design
  • Webside Development
  • Product Animation
screens from the Daanaa Branding and Website project
Mockup of Daanaa homepage

True collaborators, from day one

Mutual trust is critical to any successful relationship. And we lucked out big time with the team at Daanaa. Daanaa’s offering is one-of-a-kind. Their technology is truly an engineering feat, so it was critical for the team at Massive to develop brand messaging that could explain the essential details in a way that investors would find exciting without selling a pipe-dream.

And we couldn’t accomplish this with words alone. We needed enticing graphics to do their hard work justice. But first, our content strategists and designers had to understand how Daanaa’s proprietary technology worked.

They welcomed us into their lab on the University of British Columbia campus, and it was back to school for the Massive team!

Daanaa facilitated two in-person workshops with their engineers, along with numerous interviews with key stakeholders to break down exactly how their energy transfer technology functioned and to explain not just their vision but their rigorous and scientifically sound methodologies.

We’re no strangers to creating clarity out of chaos and were ready to work our magic with a crash course in engineering under our belts.

a Brand Guide for a tech startup company
A mockup of Daanaa's website

The science of design

Creating the designs, logo, and font for Daanaa was an opportunity most designers only dream of. 

Relying on electrifying animations to convey the functionality of their technology, our designers needed to be both abstract and scientifically accurate. Abstract to keep the genius of Daanaa’s designs secret yet grounded in science to keep their credibility and rigorous testing front and centre.

Throughout three dedicated design and animation workshops, we worked closely with Daanaa to ensure that all our visual effects struck the perfect balance between sleek and smooth yet scientifically sound.

The result is a series of animations depicting their straightforward, intriguing energy transfer system that are straightforward, intriguing…and give off the perfect amount of Matrix vibes.

Additionally, their logo, with A’s that we styled to resemble the historically significant tesla coils, speaks to the progress they are making in ushering in the next revolution in energy conduction and storage.

gradient background

A website and brand super-charged for the future

The final design for Daanaa is a website that is efficient and sleek, yet intriguing and forward-thinking—just like their technology. Of course, any company with an eye on the future needs a website they can easily manage as their technology, partnerships, and progress evolve.

Our back-end authoring solutions for Daanaa Resolution Inc. were as follows:

  • A fully custom WordPress theme, including branded modules and page templates, to serve as the outline for future growth.
  • Deliver a consistent and intuitive user experience while offering sufficient creative flexibility to ensure absolute brand consistency.
  • Adhere to stringent WCAG 2.1 AA web accessibility compliance standards to facilitate exceptional user experiences at every interaction.

We know that the team at Daanaa is going to accomplish remarkable things in the years to come. We are honoured to have played a role in helping them establish their brand and reach the audiences that need to hear their story and get involved in their work.

Check out their site below and follow their LinkedIn page to see where their current carries them next!

Website: www.daanaa.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/daanaa