EV Power Exchange

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EV Power Exchange
Startup, Technology

Advancing the move towards sustainable mobility

The world is changing. Demand is higher than ever for innovative products and services that bring society closer to sustainability.

And what’s more, governments are paying attention. With aggressive electric vehicle rebates suddenly available across America and parts of Canada, the opportunity for real change has never been more significant.

With a vision to revolutionize the EV charging experience, reduce range anxiety, and monetize unprofitable surface parking space, the eV Power team approached Massive to elevate their brand and build a website to serve as the definitive source of truth for all thing EV charging for consumers, property owners, and retailers.


  • User Experience Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing + Digital Advertising
Website screens from the EVP project
Homepage for the EV Power Exchange website project

Clearing the Track

Our research and discovery phase covered the gamut, but beyond the business plan and pioneering technology you’ll find a story of urgency. As EVP sees it, the world can’t afford to wait to solve the climate crisis—the time to act is now. Our future as a species literally depends on it.

And, with a history of successful businesses behind them, EVP knew the only way to facilitate this necessary change is to make change and adoption easy and compelling.

This hypothesis was validated through further interviews with their four main user personas: EV drivers, property owners, retailers, and vehicle fleet operators—all of which cited a lack of trustworthy information around how EV charging works and how to apply for government incentives as the primary barrier to adoption.

examples of website screens from the EV Power Exchange website project

Driving Action Through Clarity + Concision

We have a saying at Massive: “Credibility begins with aesthetics.” With a new brand already in hand, Massive’s UI and UX Designers mapped the website’s content for its various user groups and carried its visual ID across the website.

Because each user has very different content requirements, each was given its own section on the website. A simplified navigation speaks directly to each persona, allowing users to identify which area of the website contains information relevant to them without any confusion.

Designed for Diversity

From a UI perspective, our challenge was three-fold: 

  1. Find ways to create brand consistency while speaking to EVP’s diverse audiences.
  2. Ensure this digital extension of the EVP brand can scale as the company grows over time, and
  3. Align the website’s visual design with the yet-to-be completed phone application interface.

Being a relatively new brand, EVP didn’t yet have an image bank to pull from. As a result, we created a series of icons to be used throughout the website – leveraging the brand’s gradients as a background for simplified flat iconography.

Naturally, it should go without saying this website needed to offer an exceptional mobile experience to boot.