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Givex is a Canadian FinTech company that has reimagined the point-of-sale and customer loyalty industry. From inventory control to gift cards and critical customer insights to increase engagement and loyalty, the comprehensive data Givex provides to merchants is worth its weight in gold—and they do it all with industry-leading sustainable business practices front and centre. Plus, with over 350 employees across ten countries, their service offering is second to none, comprising on-the-ground, local solutions tailored for each market. 

Though initially founded in 1999, it wasn’t until going public in 2021 they realized they had out-grown their current website—the company’s primary business driver. Built on a custom content management system (CMS) with a highly-restrictive backend, the site’s authoring experience was almost unmanageable, handcuffing its ability to keep up with the org’s ambitious marketing objectives.

It was time to rethink the website from the ground up and craft a new digital presence designed for the future. One that empowered Givex’s internal marketing and positioned the brand to succeed on a bigger stage.


  • Brand Visual ID
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
Homepage for the Givex website

Flexible UX for a Flexible Message

Whereas the old website’s goal was to sell primarily to other businesses (B2B), this new website needed to include stakeholders, prospective investors and partners across five vastly different markets; North America, the Middle East, Europe, and Hong Kong. We began by extracting these differences through a series of interviews and workshops, creating User Stories for each user group in each region to inform the new site’s navigation and information architecture (IA)

Following Brad Frost’s Atomic Design approach, Massive’s UX Designers designed a library of modules and templates to suit various purposes, allowing the Givex team to create new pages internally without compromising brand consistency, performance or accessibility. Additionally, our UX team provided strategies to sustain and improve—and build on—the strong SEO standing Givex had earned:

  1. Start each page with a tagline that speaks to Givex’s services or offerings.
  2. Emphasize the page’s high-priority tasks by having clear navigational starting points.
  3. Show examples of actual site content through the HERO Image
  4. And begin link names with the most important keyword.

With the layout settled and SEO best practices top of mind, the daunting task of planning the content could begin.

examples of Givex website design

More Than Words

Accomplished copywriters themselves, Givex took on the task of writing their website copy, with Massive ensuring the structure and strategies established during the UX process were maintained throughout the project.

The most challenging aspect of the new website’s content? Language translation. With five languages, 7+ multiple regions, each with competing functionality and content needs, we needed to get creative.

While translation plugins may work in some circumstances, with niche markets, they can lead to problems with jargon and colloquial terms, especially in the financial services sector, where 100% accuracy is critical.

As such, for each language, we sought help from native speakers to write the content for international markets, relying on translation tools for just 10% of the site’s content. This hybrid translation approach allowed us to ensure high accuracy across Givex’s different markets while being flexible enough to pivot with messaging and make changes to copy as needed.

Givex case study on mobile
Givex Investors page on desktop

Elevated by Design

With the layout, navigation, and messaging in place, Massive’s design team went to work creating a design system that differentiates Givex from the competition and positions it as the modern fintech powerhouse it is.

Though not a rebrand project, designing the new Givex website was an opportunity to give the brand a long-overdue digital ‘face-lift.’ This meant identifying which branded elements were integral to the brand’s identity, and which needed to be updated to adhere to web best practices.

The brand’s defining “X” was brought front and centre and incorporated as a photo treatment across key pages and sections of the website. We added a new colour to the brand’s palette, creating more hierarchy and drawing attention to primary calls to action (CTAs). Slight changes were made to Givex’s signature green to ensure the revised colour palette was complimentary.

Poppins was selected as the site’s primary font for its geometric characteristics that make it both friendly and easy on the eyes, complimenting Givex’s partnership-centric messaging and digital roots.

Modern, Adaptable + Future-Focused

Naturally, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we handed over a website the Givex team couldn’t manage internally. In addition to ensuring the site’s WordPress authoring experience (AX) is intuitive, Massive provided training to the Givex team, with documentation and walkthrough videos for onboarding and training new website managers.


As a result, what was once an outdated and difficult-to-navigate site is now a modern, sleek, and fully-customized marketing engine that’s carrying Givex to new, ambitious heights. Check out what the Givex team is up to below.

Givex website.