Green Hygienics

A Cannabis farm located in Southern California
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Green Hygienics

Since day one, Massive’s mission has been to transform purposeful companies into brands and movements worth championing. It’s why we partner with ambitious Founders willing to push the proverbial envelope and to create deeply resonant, future-proof identities – often in highly saturated, commoditized markets.

Enter Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. Having pioneered a compelling process-oriented approach to producing organic nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, the company had established a novel and innovative industry benchmark in product efficacy and reliability through a science and health-focused mission. And what they needed from us was a brand and digital presence to match the inherent mantra of innovation to guide them to the promised land.


  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Website Design
  • UX + Content Strategy
  • Wordpress Development

Massive faced a dual-pronged challenge in redefining the Green Hygienics brand. First, we had to craft a brand narrative that resonated across a spectrum of audiences: health-focused consumers, astute investors, and an innovative internal team. This required a blend of creativity and strategic insight to appeal to each group’s unique interests, values, and expectations.

Secondly, we confronted the challenge of reshaping the public perception of hemp products. Overcoming years of stigma demanded a sophisticated approach, balancing educational content with a repositioning of hemp in a positive, health-oriented light. This strategy was not just about changing minds but about spearheading a new understanding and appreciation for hemp’s inherent potential benefits.

In both aspects, Massive’s ethos of embracing change as a catalyst for innovation was pivotal, guiding us to create a brand that spoke to diverse audiences and transformed perceptions.

In sculpting Green Hygienics’ brand essence, Massive embarked on a journey beyond conventional branding. Our approach involved deep exploration into the company’s core. Utilizing the Corporate Brand Identity Matrix across a series of agency-facilitated workshops, we successfully distilled Green Hygienics’ vision and mission into clear, resonant principles.

But these “Guiding Principles” weren’t mere concepts; they were the lifeblood of the company’s new brand identity. A steadfast dedication to scientific rigour, a trailblazing attitude towards industry certifications, an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, and a health-centric approach became the pillars of Green Hygienics’ identity.

This meticulous integration of principles into the brand’s fabric ensured a profound connection with every stakeholder, embodying our commitment to crafting brands for our partners that not only stand out but also stand for something significant.

Multiple screen from the Green Hygienics website design project.

Guiding Principles Represented Visually

In reimagining Green Hygienics’ visual identity, Massive delved into the essence of the company’s unique cultivation environment – the nutrient-rich basin that sets their hemp growth apart. This fertile plot of land, instrumental in yielding a more abundant and consistent crop than their competitors, became the heart of our brand narrative.

Our design process was deeply rooted in this land-based story. The colour palette took inspiration from the earthy tones of the basin, reflecting the rich soils and vibrant plant life that characterize their cultivation area. These natural hues thoughtfully conveyed a sense of organic growth while highlighting the brand’s commitment to product sustainability and eco-friendly farming.

The typography was selected to echo nature’s harmony, with its weight and accessibility mirroring the precision and reliability of Green Hygienics’ products. This was complemented by the logo’s evolution, for which we incorporated elements reminiscent of the land’s contours and textures, symbolizing the brand’s inseparable integration with its unique physical environment. Graphical elements across the website were infused with this nature-inspired palette, creating a premium yet uncluttered visual identity.

This refreshed visual language not only made Green Hygienics visually appealing but also powerfully conveyed its core values. It spoke of a brand grounded in scientific integrity, dedicated to organic cultivation, and inextricably linked to a specific, fruitful piece of the earth. This alignment of visual identity with the brand’s unique cultivation story made the message of Green Hygienics deeply authentic and resonant.


Formulating Green Hygienics’ digital identity was a venture into complexity and sophistication. Massive focused on creating an online presence that was state-of-the-art but also exuded professionalism and a human-centred approach. This was exemplified in the comprehensive investor section of their website, offering crucial financial information and corporate governance details. The crowning feature was the bespoke Investor Portal – a secure, exclusive platform accessible only to accredited investors. The portal, was meticulously designed to be user-friendly while safeguarding sensitive company details, embodying Green Hygienics’ commitment to transparency and while ensuring absolute security for sensitive information.

A mobile concept of the homepage hero for the Green Hygienics project A mobile mockup of a cannabis website's Investor page
A mobile mockup of a cannabis website - Our Story page. A mobile design for a cannabis website's Our Story page.
A bunch of mobile and desktop screens for a recent cannabis website design and development project.

Tackling Stigma Through Conscious Education.

Confronting the hemp stigma was another pivotal element of Massive’s strategy for Green Hygienics. With a commitment to transforming public perception, we leaned into educational content, underscoring the scientific research and health benefits that hemp-derived products promised to bring to market.

This initiative involved curating narratives that showcased Green Hygienics’ dedication to quality and safety, dispelling prevalent myths and reshaping the image of hemp into a positive health and wellness resource. This strategic content creation played a key role in Green Hygienics’ objective to redefine how hemp is viewed in the public eye.

Green Hygienics: One a Clear Path to Growth

Massive’s collaboration with Green Hygienics led to a transformative rebranding and digital overhaul, effectively reshaping the company’s image and addressing the challenges associated with hemp perception.

The new brand identity, reflecting Green Hygienics’ innovative spirit, alongside a narrative emphasizing the scientific rigour and health benefits of hemp products, significantly altered consumer perceptions.

The clean, contemporary design and the sophisticated investor portal helped them level up, establishing Green Hygienics as a frontrunner in the nutraceutical industry and setting a benchmark for future branding in this domain.

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