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The next generation of nano technology in lighting.

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What if lighting didn’t come from a bulb, but could emit from the objects and materials we interact with every day? A Vancouver-based startup, Nano-Lit, is using patented technology make this a reality; designing human-centric lighting for the new world.

Nano-Lit needed a way to clearly communicate the benefits of quantum dot lighting to investors in an intuitive, compelling way, while remaining dynamic enough to pitch to a variety of industries.


  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design
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Goal Setting

Setting Nano-Lit's North Star

Creating an identity for a technology still in its infancy is tricky. The implications of Nano-Lit’s technology are staggering, and the opportunity, endless.

We needed a North Star; a set of goals to guide the project and company as it continued to evolve in the formative months and years ahead.

Together with Nano-Lit’s executive team we identified three goals to define project success:

1) Identify industries with the most room for growth for quantum dot and human-centric lighting.

2) Craft a brand that reflects Nano-Lit’s purpose, but is flexible enough to evolve as the company grows and defines its products.

3) Create a design system that the team can use moving forward when pitching or promoting the brand to investors and prospective customers.

Insights from the Experts Who Have Them

Qualitative + Quantitative Research

Through independent research and a series of workshops we identified four high-opportunity industries to guide our initiatives: Defence, Transportation, Agriculture and Architecture.

Informed by interviews with stakeholders in each of the four target industries, we crafted language to highlight the many benefits of Nano-Lit’s technology.

Nano-Lit Web Design
Nano-Lit Web Design

Web Design + Development

All roads lead to home

A custom-built WordPress website communicates the heart and soul of Nano-Lit’s ambition, opening the door to future conversations between Nano-Lit and prospective investors and customers.

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Designed for Flexibility

Brand Guidelines

To ensure brand consistency across all physical and digital touch points, we created a brand guideline outlining things like typeface, logo treatment, colour-palette, image treatment and more.

A versatile slide deck was designed in Google Slides so Nano-Lit’s executive team could collaborate on presentations with its partners overseas.

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