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Qualico Commercial

A communal hub for an up-and-coming neighbourhood in Edmonton.

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Qualico Commercial




Logo and Brand Identity


Qualico Commercial is a leading commercial development firm that develops retail, office, industrial, and mixed-use properties in Western Canada. At the centre of QUALICO is the desire to create future-focused spaces that foster stronger, more resilient communities, and stimulate local economies.

Qualico approached Massive in the summer of 2018 to help craft a brand for its upcoming RiverView neighbourhood in Edmonton, which breaks ground in 2020 / 2021.


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Imagining the Future

The Edmonton of Tomorrow, Today

A strong brand needs to accomplish three primary things:

  1. Communicate the characteristics of the organization it represents in a compelling, visceral way  (I.e. the “why” of the organization).
  2. Mirror the sentiment and attitude of the community the organization serves. In this way, it needs to be authentic and genuine.
  3. Paint a picture of the organization’s future that makes audiences want to be part of the journey moving forward.

Additionally, this development needed to speak to a wide range of possible commercial and retail leasers, from large, big box retailers with an international presence, to local enterprises looking to expand their market presence.

Three Concepts

Capturing the Heart of Riverview

But how does one go about creating a brand that won’t see the light of day for possibly another three years?

Through multiple stakeholder interviews and independent research, we identified key themes and commonalities in similar developments that had seen the kind of success we were aiming for.

With those red-threads top of mind, we crafted three brand style-tiles, each communicating different aspects and characteristics of the development and community.


Qualico Commercial Web Design
Qualico Commercial Web Design

Three Concepts

One Winner

Our concepts centred around three core themes: Luxury, Approachability, and Play – each one reflecting an important aspect of the development.

Sophisticated. This concept speaks to a more luxurious shopping experience and is intentionally minimalistic. A few logos and directions came from exploring this look.

Seeing as this development is located near a river, we incorporated a watermark meant to mimic a topographical map.

Approachable. Here, natural tones, paired with an editorial-styled typeface to marry class and practicality. By using the leg of the “R” as a watermark, we create consistency, while again incorporating that notion of water – playing to the development’s location.

Playful. Big, bold and bright, this simple concept utilizes a vibrant colour palette and simple, clear typefaces. Whereas other concepts play to a more sophisticated audience, this third concept speaks to the entire family.

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