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When Team Clarke approached us in early 2018, it had a problem. Despite being North Vancouver's top selling real estate team year after year, its brand and digital presence were stuck in the past.

It needed a new brand and website overhaul that reflected the evolution of Team Clarke, while building on the reputation and carrying on the legacy its late Founder, Shirley Clarke, had spent her life creating.


  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction
  • Photography
  • Print Collateral
  • Website Design + Development
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Team Clarke Real Estate Group Web Design

Capturing the Story

The Importance of Legacy

For Team Clarke, we didn’t have to search very hard to uncover the ‘ethos’ of its Founder, Shirley. Her legacy lives on today through the charity drives, community events and campaigns she facilitated throughout her life.

Beyond her reputation as a stellar REALTOR, she was known as a community builder; a connecter and facilitator; someone who intentionally created events and environments where newcomers and long-standing residents of North Vancouver could connect and form meaningful relationships. For Shirley Clarke, real estate was a chance to help people find a home, but more importantly, a vehicle to foster and create a resilient communities.

Yes, this new brand needed to be fresh and versatile, but real success meant capturing Shirley’s heart for community above all and carrying it across every brand touchpoint.

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Creative Direction

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

North Vancouver attracts home buyers from across the world with its stunning scenery and quality of life. For Team Clarke, capturing the benefits of life in North Vancouver with compelling imagery was non negotiable.

Over a day-long photoshoot, we photographed a number of scenes across North Vancouver. Because many of Team Clarke’s customers have families, we kept the photos family-focused, carefully crafting scenes that show meaningful connections occurring against a backdrop of beautiful real estate.

These images were then edited in post, and rolled out across Team Clarke’s new website, social channels and print material.

Team Clarke Real Estate Group Web Design
Team Clarke Real Estate Group Web Design

Beauty Meets Utility

Prioritizing the User's Needs

The new site features a custom-built map search that integrates with MLS and incorporates convenient features like “search by dragging the map” and toggles between viewing styles. We also connected the site to Yelp so users could search nearby restaurants, cafes, parks, and other attractions.

Because we know people factor a listing’s surroundings into their decision-making process, each listing details page pulls in local attractions. Similarly, on attraction detail pages, nearby listings are displayed.

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A Flexible Brand

Consistency Across Every Touchpoint

The end result is a comprehensive brand that was implemented across every physical and digital touchpoint in a client’s customer journey. From print collateral like listing brochures, folders and print ads to social media branding and email templates, each interaction with Team Clarke places community at the forefront, with compelling copywriting and community-centric photography.



From Team Clarke

“Thank you! From start to finish, you guys have been amazing. You have given us a product greater than we had dreamed. We are so proud to stand behind our brand and website.

Thank you for being so professional, yet so approachable. We truly enjoyed working with your team every step of the way. We feel so fortunate to have found you. Thank you for all of your hard work  – it is truly appreciated.”

Laura, Rob and Brooke – Team Clarke Real Estate Group

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