Innately social. Driven towards big challenges.
We move people.

We move people…

With stories, products and experiences. To physical places and digital spaces. We move them somewhere new, and in unexpected ways. Ways that make even the most experienced, been-there-before people step back and say “wow, this is cool”.

We believe in beauty and utility, and that you shouldn’t have to choose just one. We create because it’s at the heart of who we are. Because we’ve seen how powerful experiences transform organizations and the people they serve.

Where can we move you?

The team

All team members at Massive are ambidextrous in that they master more than just their primary craft. This means you can always tap someone in for support or to back you up in a pinch.

Profile picture of Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith

Founder + CEO

Profile picture of Rene Thomas
René Thomas


Profile picture of Gio Amenta
Gio Amenta

Creative Director

Profile picture of Brian Batuyong
Brian Batuyong

Graphic Designer

Profile picture of Yuki "Ray" Machida
Yuki “Ray” Machida

Designer + Front-end Web Developer

Profile picture of Tonia Sokolova
Tonia Sokolova

Digital Strategist + Front-end Web Developer

Profile picture of Shane McCarthy
Shane McCarthy

Back-end Web Developer

Italian Greyhound looking head-on

Naughty Dog

The boardroom at Massive Media's Vancouver office

It happens here

Massive delivers hand-crafted digital goodness from its Gastown office, which is carefully positioned for maximum quaintness and close proximity to strong coffee, craft beer and live jazz of the highest quality.

Massive HQ

234 Abbott Street, Vancouver, BC
V6B 2K8

Friends we’ve made along the way.

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