The Evolution of Massive Media

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2016 has been a year of big change for Massive. In the past 12 months, we’ve moved offices, added new team members and tackled some exciting new projects. On top of that, just this month we’ve launched a refreshed brand identity, including a new style guide, logo, and this spanking new website.

It shouldn’t be news to any of you that the role of the agency is changing. We’ve increasingly found ourselves collaborating and co-creating with partners on strategy, rather than delivering them the final product via the “big reveal”. We’re spending less time doing channel marketing and more time focusing on the strategy and creative.

With our focus, processes, and vision evolving, we felt it was time to bring our brand and digital presence up-to-speed.

So, after many iterations and concepts, here it is–the new Massive logo. We are bold, creative, insatiably curious and purpose driven.

The criteria for a new logo

The name “Massive” is a big statement and required a strong logo that could be taken seriously. The logo had to reflect the kind of work we produce, and the qualities and characteristics we hold ourselves to each day. Finally, the logo needed to be versatile and broad enough to allow for our constant evolution.

The science behind the new logo

Geometrical logos are a big hit these days. One – because they look awesome, but also because they’re versatile and can be displayed in different ways that communicate different aspects of a brand.

We took inspiration from the City of Melbourne and a few others.

evolution of massive media logo show


Our first concept played tribute to our old brand, but with a modern twist. As an agency that prides itself on the science of marketing and advertising, we tried an effect on the M, making it look something like a strand of DNA. Thought a runner-up, this concept didn’t communicate strength or and didn’t live up to the Massive promise. Also, we really wanted something new. On we go.

evolution of massive media logo development

The second concept took a more literal approach to the word “Massive”. It played on the idea of mountains building off each other. We liked it, but in testing heard that it looked more like a snowboard company than an agency logo. They weren’t wrong.

evolution of massive media logo concepting

While much stronger, concept three looked like a superhero logo. Something Magneto would wear, or that you’d see on The Incredibles. We felt like we were definitely moving in the right direction, but it needed more whittling.

evolution of massive media logo presentation

Narrowing in.

At this point, we knew we liked the bolder concepts with sharp corners. Given that we will likely treat the logo different ways, the M had to be strong enough on its own that it wouldn’t get lost in the whatever treatment we apply. It had to be perfectly symmetrical. Concerned about the “M” is too sharp, we tried more rounded corners, but felt we were weakening the statement.

massive media  logo
evolution of massive media logo presentation

The New Massive

We went back to sharp angles, and there we were. After much deliberation, testing, and polling, we had landed on something quite simple. Something so basic it was as if it had been just waiting to be discovered.

massive media logo

This was it. We had found it. The new Massive. We hope you like it!

Obviously, a logo doesn’t make a brand. In the following weeks and months we’ll be publishing more posts on direction, the new site, and our new style guide. Stay tuned!