Brand Identity + Positioning

Your brand lives in the public imagination. It exists as a perception, informed by every touchpoint you have with your audience. It is ever-changing.

You can’t just tell people what your brand is—you need to show them. Your brand is the invisible thread that runs through your services, website, mailouts, emails, answering machine, even your team’s behaviour. These daily connections are the battleground where your brand will thrive or fail in existing and future customers’ minds


Clear, provocative, visually striking + culturally electric.

From strategy and naming to visual identity and messaging, our branding approach is finely honed and ever-evolving. We test our assumptions, prioritize data over opinions, and operate on the principle that a brand can’t be stronger in the market than it is within the organization.

A brand’s identity must engage the whole organization—it lives at the core of all processes, behaviours, and communications.

Branding Services

Centred around deep cultural insights, clear strategic direction and the power of human expression.


Brand Strategy

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Architecture Strategy
  • Concept Testing
  • Brand Positioning
  • Messaging Testing

Brand Naming

  • Brand Name
  • Corporate / Division Name
  • Service/Program Name
  • Product Name
  • Technology Name

Brand Messaging

  • Tagline Development
  • Positioning Statements
  • Brand Story Development
  • Brand Launch Strategy
  • Branded Content

Visual Identity

  • Logo Design
  • Design Systems / UI Libraries
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Branded Templates
  • Video Production
  • Website Design + Development
Related Projects


Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to partner with ambitious, visionary organizations that understand a brand’s worth isn’t measured by the impact of its logo, but how it lives in the hearts and minds of its audiences.

These are a few of there stories.


Raven RSM

Massive helps Canada’s go-to source for safety and rescue services, equipment, and training reach new heights with a brand that rallies and inspires.



A Vancouver-based engineering start-up enlists Massive to give its revolutionary technology the revolutionary brand identity it needs and deserves.



Our partnership with Ketch transformed a leading Canadian shoe distributor into an e-commerce brand where shoe and fashion culture become real.



A growing bioinformatics company with a bold vision to democratize cancer genome testing levels up with a rebrand and website that’s accessible to all.

Man looking at map on computer


A new divergent real estate brokerage breaks from the norm with an elevated brand and digital presence where authenticity and quality win over rhetoric.

Case study coming soon.


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