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Founded in 1997, InterVISTAS Consulting Inc. began as a subsidiary of the Vancouver Airport Authority. As a successful and highly respected consulting firm, InterVISTAS quickly became an international leader in strategic mobility consulting.

The challenge? InterVISTAS had recently gone through a merger and acquisition and needed to define a new and effective web presence and brand strategy that positioned them as the mobility industry’s solution to the disruptions caused by the 2020 global pandemic.

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InterVISTAS homepage from website

The sum of its parts

With a stacked team of consultants and a kaleidoscope of successful projects in aviation, transportation, and tourism, InterVISTAS’ work experiences criss-cross the globe covering over 75 countries, providing innovative solutions to over 500 clients globally.

Through extensive stakeholder interviews, the strategy team at Massive uncovered that a significant struggle InterVISTAS faced was that most people knew it only through its highly regarded team members. In fact, most people had no sense of the full breadth, strategic insight, and analysis that it can offer to its clients.

The next step was to understand exactly who InterVISTAS is and craft a rock-solid brand message that would enable them to speak to their total value as a consultancy effectively.

website designs for InterVISTAS
InterVISTAS careers page from website

Taking a brand to new heights

With the incorporation of lateral lines for image treatment that radiate out, our designers could visually capture the forward trajectory and growth opportunities that InterVISTAS creates for itself and helps its clients realize.

By Implementing a sans serif typography, we enhanced the approachability of their tone and voice while maintaining a professional and credible external appearance. Smooth transitions and animations across the site enhanced the professional appearance and ensured that the content would not overwhelm visitors or appear cluttered.


Designing a fool-proof user experience

Our opportunity to make the biggest splash on InterVISTAS site was through our UX team. Now that we had established the brand identity and visuals, we had to arrange the information in a way that was easy to follow and fit with their overall objectives.

To position the overall value of the company front and centre, the “What We Do” and “About Us” pages took the top spots on the navigation bar.

The expertise and credibility of individual team members needed to remain prominent as they are critical value propositions for InterVISTAS. We accomplished this through dynamic content and post types on each page that would pull in relevant Insights and thought leadership from the companies top team members.

With consistent and strategic use of tags to link content to its corresponding specialties pages, we were able to create a site that effectively presents the company’s overall capabilities with the standout individual accomplishments of their team, further setting them apart from the competition.