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The words “website overhaul” are enough to strike fear in the hearts of even the most experienced business owners and marketing directors. Those who have been through them know that website redesign and development projects are often arduous processes that should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. 

This is where Localised shines—an e-commerce company that accomplishes the seemingly impossible; helping large international online stores (like Urban Outfitters and Saks Fifth Avenue) expand internationally in just 30 days. And, out of the box, these e-commerce sites are built to account for all the local cultural, logistics and seasonal nuances you’d expect of a native brand.

After receiving some well-deserved backing from investors, the team at Localised knew it was time to elevate their brand and website to better reflect their potential in the global marketplace. And the Massive team was ready to help them realize their digital potential.


  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • UX Design
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Website Development
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A complex story, simplified

A unique and interesting challenge with Localised was the interconnection between both words and visuals. Localised accomplishes some heavy-lifting for their clients’ ecommerce sites, from regional and local cultural nuances, payment methods, local competitors, seasonal demands, and sizing charts.

These solutions are completely novel – a true reinvention of what is possible in the world of ecommerce. The details of Localised’s processes needed to be presented in bite-sized chunks that accurately and efficiently demonstrated their value without overwhelming their audience.

Through extensive research into Localised’s main competitors combined with numerous one-on-one conversations with the CEO and other team members, the Content team at Massive established a punchy and cheeky, yet informative brand voice that effectively communicated Localised’s value in short, concise sentences.

The final content our team developed was adaptable to any market and could present any brand in a genuinely local manner for any audience while maintaining the core brand’s identity.

What goes unsaid

The copy was powerful, yet the graphic elements were essential – if not the most important piece – to complete the story of Localised. We had to determine the best way to visualize the customization potential that Localised offers. 

As complex as the process that Localised takes their clients through is, they make it seem effortless and pull it off with incredible efficiency. Our designers were put to the test to create a visual representation of this process that appeared equally smooth and simple.

The end result was a series of lo-fi visual representations of each solution stage combined with custom-made iconography. Not only did these visual representations clearly outline the various elements of Localised’s offerings, but the one-of-a-kind imagery serves as a symbol for the highly customizable and unique websites that Localised creates for their clients.

With the imagery, icons, and copy conveying the essential information, the colour palette and fonts were to compliment and prop up this information without distracting from or overpowering it. Yet they also needed to convey the simplicity of the client experience. The design team presented Localised with three colour themes:

  1. Easy ecommerce
  2. High fashion
  3. Street style

Ultimately Localised chose Easy ecommerce, which our Designer, Jordan, describes as an “approachable colour palette that is unique enough to stand on its own. It’s also professional, but with an edge to match the brand’s tone and voice”. 

The animations featured through the site are approachable as well, featuring smooth and simple moments of delight as you scroll through the content. The graphics guide the audience’s eyes through the information on the page, ensuring that nothing is lost in communicating the difference that Localised makes in removing online retailers’ barriers to accessing foreign markets.

localised website on different devices

Designed for growth + resilience

Of course, a breath-taking website doesn’t do anyone any good if it’s too difficult to maintain. So while accessibility, user experience (UX), and the backend authoring experience (AX) may not be the sexiest topics, they’re the essential foundations of sustainable, customizable, branded websites.

Our solutions for Localised were: 

  • A fully custom WordPress theme, including branded modules and page templates, serves as the outline for future growth.
  • Deliver a consistent and intuitive user experience while offering sufficient creative flexibility to ensure absolute brand consistency. 
  • Adhere to stringent WCAG 2.1 AA web accessibility compliance standards to facilitate exceptional user experiences at every interaction.

Live and ready to thrive

The Localised site launched in the Spring of 2022, setting a new industry standard for global ecommerce sites worldwide. We are particularly proud of this project, which was made possible by the passion for and commitment to transparency, collaboration, and courageous vulnerability that we share with Localised. We can’t wait to watch this company continue to grow, flourish, and dominate in the industry for years to come.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/localisedecommerce/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/localised