Screen mockups from Primasun's website design project
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Healthcare, Startup, Technology

Waking the world up to the importance of good sleep.

Primasun, an Alphabet precision health company, brings together cutting-edge technology and data-driven care management on a single, streamlined digital platform. Their mission? To revolutionize the way we approach sleep and pave the way for a more efficient and fair pathway to better sleep.

In early 2022, Primasun turned to Massive to bring their groundbreaking vision to life online. They needed an industry-defining website and a marketing campaign that would wake-up the sleep conversation and generate buzz in the months leading up to their product launch.

With a new logo in-hand and two mobile applications in the pipe, developing a successful digital homebase for Primasun meant accomplishing three things:

  1. Building on its existing visual ID to support its bold marketing strategy,
  2. Design and develop an industry-leading website that speaks to—and wows—its diverse users at every touchpoint, and
  3. Take the conversation to socials with B2B and B2C campaigns aimed at reframing the way we think about sleep.

The result was a second-to-none, 3-time award-winning digital experience and awareness campaign.


  • Website Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Headless CMS Development
  • Campaign Creative Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign Execution + Optimization

Cultivating a conversation around sleep

If the brief Primasun wasn’t clear enough, our research confirmed it. Beyond executing a strong visual ID and winning trust with visually-stunning design, the new Primasun website needed to reframe the way businesses and individuals think of sleep and act as a resource hub for all things sleep health. 

This meant ideating and creating content that makes clear the connection between mental and physical health and your sleep in new and impactful ways. We landed on a mix of mediums – video, long-form articles and Q+As all accessible via a centralized Resource Hub.

Examples of Primasun's website redesign project.

A platform to support big dreams.

On the technology front, our approach was methodical and future-focused. To accommodate Primasun’s need for a hyper secure, lightning quick website, we opted for a headless CMS, integrating Contentful with Gatsby, which provided a dynamic and flexible platform. This approach ensured that the site was not only rapid and secure but also accessible to a wide audience. 

A modular design and component library allowed for easy updates and adaptations, aligning with Primasun’s evolving needs and ambitions.

Waking the world up to the problem of sleep.

With the success of the brand and website behind us, we began strategizing a go-to-market approach for its B2C and B2B campaigns in the lead-up to its product launches.

Facebook, Instagram and Reddit campaigns educated audiences prior to the launch by challenging their perspectives on sleep and its relationship to health, creating hype and interest around Primaun’s “Sleep Movement” and driving traffic to its Resource Hub for sleep insights.

Check out Primasun’s website for yourself to learn more.

Primasun's blog carousal on mobile Primasun homepage on mobile
Primasun website insights page on mobile