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What Makes a Leading Advertising Agency in Vancouver?

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How Massive Media is ranking among the best on Clutch.

Over the last six years, we’ve worked with Canadian companies and organizations to help them connect with their audiences in a meaningful way. By considering all brand touchpoints holistically (i.e. brand strategy, social media, advertising, search engine marketing and a brand’s website), we’ve created results that we can be proud of.

But Canadians aren’t always looking for hard work and smart creative. There’s more to it than that. Increasingly, companies are looking at digital agencies as strategic partners, rather than mere service providers. Recently, we’ve been working with a relationship-focused platform called Clutch to find out how Massive stacks up among other advertising agencies in Vancouver. Clutch is a ratings and reviews site that ranks design, marketing, and advertising agencies, providing B2B decision-makers with the information they need when forming business relationships. To do so, Clutch uses a complex research methodology, highlighting each agency’s past experience, client list, and awards as key tenets of their work. However, the platform relies most heavily on the client-agency relationship, which they examine through in-depth client reviews.

Their team interviews past clients and transcribes full-length reviews that delve into the services offered in each engagement, the results, the project management, and other agency strengths. We’re proud that our clients have spoken out about our work together, leaving us a 5-star score on our Clutch profile. Here are some of the comments that back up our score:

“They’re great communicators: they outlined, scheduled, and budgeted everything at the beginning and made sure we stayed on track. We discussed our goals in detail, so we didn’t have any issues after the project started. We communicated via phone and email, but they also gave us print materials.”

“They have an outstanding grasp of storytelling: they took their time to understand our story and expanded it exactly like we wanted them to. I talked to other agencies, who were capable and passionate, but the storytelling piece wasn’t there. Also, Massive Media is the right size for us – they have enough resources to implement big project, but at the same time they’re agile
and responsive.”

“We see a much faster path to ticket sales. Instead of the four clicks that it would take for ticket sales, it now only takes one or two, depending on where you land. Therefore, we’re having a lot more people navigate into our ticket processing system, which is the goal. The more eyes on the ticket processing systems, the better. We saw a 15%–20% increase in that.”

“The great thing about Massive is that they can do all of it. They understand that your brand is seen more online than anywhere else. To be able to combine those two things is something that not many agencies can do, particularly with knowledge of the technical backend, API, things like that. It’s not something you’re going to find with a regular branding agency.”

With these great reviews under our belt, we’re excited to carry forward the momentum. As we continue to work with Clutch, we’re excited to see where our clients take us among the Canadian competition.

If you’re looking for a Vancouver digital agency to partner with in 2018, we’d love to talk! You can also find us on DesignRush.

Massive ranked a top advertising and digital agency in Vancouver